Patreon Catalog

Here is a history of posts on Patreon so far, for existing patrons to easily find old posts as well as for non-patrons to get a taste of what they’re missing (and see the free content)! I should note this isn’t everything, when I post each page on Patreon I try to include some info only for patrons, these are often spoilers or exclusive tidbits that might not even be told in the final story. There’s also ton of posts about processes, but it would be boring to list them all here.

Listed from Newest to Oldest. Bolded are the highly recommended!

Public Posts – For Everybody

Myers Briggs Personality Types

Comic: Page From Bhatair Meets Joshua Meets Gudrun

Redrawn Panel from 1×17

The St. Claires

$1 – Early Updates + Patron Extras

The Novalog – 16 page comic that takes place between Chapters 14 and 15: 1 2 3 4 5

Idony Wallpaper: This painting at full resolution.

Modern Outfits: Velvare, Apen, Berlyne, Noah,

A Portrait of Nathan

Other Nathan Things

The Only Inktober That Matters

Noah’s Sketchbook: *Secret Lady for Spoiler Level Only*, Idony, Avidan, Berlyne Chara and Joe Alvarado.

Apen Goggles: Joe Alvarado, Berlyne Alvarado, Blue Dolan, Joshua Shephard,

Milestone! Volume 2 Sketches!

New Textures for You (Volume page 2 textures)

New Walpaper! (Fullsize Volume 2 header art download)

Delaney Panel in Color from Page 12×20

New Characters Seen in Hair Tutorial

Comic: Enel and His Jobs

Gudrun and Enel Reuinion

$5 – Behind the Scenes

The Silver Eye Animal Characters as Humans: 1, 2, 3,

Avidan Crown Evolution

Melete and Noah Costume Designs (Chapter 14)

September Sketches

Page 13×15 Deleted Panels + Process

Next Stop: Ethelinda’s House! (Chapters 17-18 Location Design Process)

Process on Planning Paintings

Chapter 13 Costume Designs

3D Novalog Interior

Ayran Face Study

Deleted Old People Pages (Chapter 2, it’s a classic!)

Making of Volume 2 Header, Part 1, 2, and 3

Steps for Page 12×31

Steps for Epic 12×30 Panel

Volume 1 Page Texture Download

Ayran Study

Noah and Marcus Deleted scene/expression practice (Chapter 15)

Doctor Noah Costume Designs

Drawing Fight Moves Process (Chapter 12)

Page 12×10 Panel 7 Full Sketch

Sketchy Comic (Chapter 21)

Novalog Interior Concepts

Lineart Process Page 9×17

King Gosport Costume Designs

Comic: Page 11×05 Extras

$10 – Spoilers!

Teen Noah + St. Claire history

Minali Portrait (Bhatair’s Mother design + history)

Walter Portrait (Bhatair’s Father design + history)

Noah’s Sketchbook: LADY CRUSHH

Playlist + Art for Noah and Spoiler Lady

Concept – Detour (Chapter 22)

Info on Weavers + Map

Aperlyne Playlist

Comic: The Scene Where the Novalog find the Island Seen in the Header (Chapter 20)

Next Scene Doodles (Chapter 13)

Valentines Day! First Painting/reveal of Noah Ship (Chapter: Never)

Comic: Loaf of Brother (Hypothetical Delaney and Enel Scene)

Chapter 15 Script Excerpt

Ayran Expression Practice (Chapter 21)

Comic: Where Melete Took Baby Enel: Part 1 and 2

Savannah St. Claire (Chapter 14)

Bhatair and Son

Delaney and Family

Comic: When Bhatair and Joshua Met

Ruya Costume Designs

Ruya With Doll Dress Up Games

Ayran Painting

Aquil Concepts 1 and 2

King Gosport Portrait Studies + History

Delaney Concepts