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1) The theme will be Alternate Universes (AUs). You take The Silver Eye character(s) and put them in another universe, whether it be the real world or another fictional world.

2) Three winners will be chosen by popular vote of fellow TSE readers.

3) For the prizes I’ll draw an illustration from the winning fanfictions.

4) One entry per person.

5) Deadline will be December 7th, so that there’s a week where it doesn’t overlap with NaNoWriMo!

Minimum of 800 words.
Suggested maximum of 3000 words for this contest, though you’re free to make it as long as you want and continue writing it after the contest is over.

Content rating should be appropriate to the regular comic (so a low PG-13).
The basic canon of the characters should remain pretty much the same (personalities, genders, etc., should be unchanged). Mostly this is about putting the characters we know and love into a completely different setting/world/time.

Good Examples:
Enel in a Dickensian novel, Idony as an Avenger, Apen in Stranger Things, Noah as a Revolutionary War doctor, Berlyne as a Cold War spy, Chara in Jane Austen England, Velvare in modern-day NYC…

Ehh Examples:
Slight timeline variations set in the normal TSE world (what if April never gave Apen the Silver Eye? What if Ax Man kidnapped Enel?), similar fantasy settings (something like LOTR might be cool! but Generic Fantasy might be a little too close to the comic canon) — these might work great for a future contest, but maybe not so much for this one!

If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments here!