February 2018


The rewritten pages of Chapter 2-3 have been redrawn, and the greatus hiatus has ended! You can go to 3×19 to pick up where this site was last updated. Or you can start at page 1 to read the beginning as a whole!

July 2017

Tune in next week for the redrawn page 2×02! Also if you’re on Patreon, $1+ patrons can expect the next installment of Land of the Living, and $5+ will get to see the linart and text for page 17×01!

This has been a crazy couple of weeks. That comment party got like 2.5k comments?! Then I sat alone in a house with a grumpy old cat for a week. Then Alyssa got me and we went straight to the airport and flew across the pond. (

Manchester was solid overcast drizzles and sketchy murder alleys and Wales was a magical mountain fairy land. I got to eat toffee ice cream again! And climb the second tallest mountain in the UK. Alyssa and I had some good sister times.

ON THE WAY BACK I GOT TO FLY IN THE TOP DECK OF A DOUBLE DECKER PLANE! There was a little compartment next to the seat we could stuff our snacks in. It was just as magical as I’ve always imagined the top deck of a plane would be.

I worked on my Surface 4 the whole time, and every now and then I’d wish in my heart that I would come home and my Cintiq would work again as suddenly and mysteriously as it stopped working. I got home. Unplugged it from one dying desktop and into another. Did some Wacom mumbo jumbo and, voila! I have a working Cintiq again! I am so happy.

Don’t forget about the fanart contest!