Redrawn page 3×02!

Berlyne is a great saleswoman. She gets everyone to buy the things they specifically do not wish for.

I’m sort of doing Inktober, my goal is to do the lineart of a page every day… except I’ve been house sitting this week with only my Surface to draw on and after three pages in a row I started noticing signs of a repetitive strain injury in my hands/arms. I’m dialing things back until I get home and can work on my Cintiq with its ergonomic set up.

I’ll continue the page linearts on Monday. I’ve been posting previews on Tumblr and Facebook and I’ll post them as scenes up on Patreon.

Oh speaking of the Facebook page! Can we try to get over 500 likes this week? It’s less than 10 away and it would so ease my mind to reach that nice round number. 😀