We’re kicking off the hiatus with The Silver Eye’s second fanart contest!

There’s going to be a comment party! Mainly during Saturday, but also on Friday. (I imagine reader/commenters can work out specific times if they would like?)

I’ll be doing some journeying in the next few weeks. First I’ll be cat/house sitting. Then in late June the British government is flying my sister, Alyssa, out for an interview! It’s for a video about students studying abroad in England. I am going along as an emotional support sister. I will post the cover for Chapter 17: Brothers and Sisters on the 14th of July after I get back.

I’ll be making/posting Q and A comics while I’m gone!

I ended up getting a Surface 4 as a solution to my tablet woes. I like it a lot so far, but it’ll take a bit of getting used to. This page is the first thing I’ve drawn on it.