Here are all of the scenes from the comic so far listed in chronological order. This can be useful to those who would like a refresher on what’s happening, those who are confused by my storytelling, those who want to hunt down a specific scene, and new readers who would like to catch up without reading the whole comic.

If you click on a sentence it will take you to the comic page associated with that information. Some details have not yet been mentioned in the comic. If you’re not sure who the characters are, it might help to look at this timeline along side the Characters page. If you have any comments or questions about the timeline, feel free to leave them bellow!

Flashbacks: 1

  1. Melete learns of Antigone Shephard’s plot to start a war. She confronts Antigone, is captured, and imprisoned for decades. Antigone begins to wipe out the descendants of Augustine. Young Bhatair runs for his life, discovering Gallitan and the West in the process. Eventually, Bhatair learns that his father is still alive. Bhatair goes to rescue him, but winds up saving Melete instead. Melete is so grateful to be free that she offers Bhatair a curse. Bhatair lets his father chose the curse instead. The curse is known as Walter’s curse.
  2. 2

    Bhatair Hollingsworth delights in deriding Joshua Shephard for having only daughters when Bhatair has a son and heir.3

  3. Bhatair and little Marcus arrive in Greenway, which displeases Bhatair. He is kidnapped by a very tiny Idony who brings him to a less tiny Noah. Noah is beating up a kid but Bhatair brings an end to that with the power of bread.
  4. When Raritan and Gallitan are on the verge of war, Velvare shows up and negotiates peace between the nations, instantly becoming an icon and a hero to the people. King Daniel Leto of Gallitan is then assassinated and his son, Avidan Leto, is born the day he dies. Between childbirth complications and grief for her husband, Queen Leto passes away. Some of the people of Gallitan want Velvare to be crowned king, others insist that Prince Avidan should rule when he is old enough. Velvare adopts Prince Avidan and becomes the steward of Gallitan, which satisfies both parties.
  5. 4

    Joshua finally has a son, Apen, who is almost two years old in this scene. Bhatair taunts the toddler in a real classy way, but he underestimates the uncanny cognitive development of descendants of Syllor. Apen confounds Bhatair by reciting his bloodline all the way from Augustine and Sienna to Bhatair himself. Joshua spikes the Bhatair smack-down with a low blow about Bhatair’s now disabled son, Bhatair retaliates with a low blow about Joshua’s dead wife, Isis. They hate each other more than ever.

  6. Bhatair gets some bad news and reacts to it in a drastic way, by kidnapping tiny baby Enel from under sleeping Gudrun’s nose. Bhatair hands the baby over to Melete who teleports to one of the gates bordoring the Deadlands. Melete carries tiny baby Enel into the wilderness. Gudrun is very sad about this.
  7. 5

    In the evening of that same day, Joshua gives Apen a pep talk about how Shephards should be extra nice to Hollingsworths. Then Joshua promptly sends Apen away so he can flirt with a distraught Gudrun. Apen goes outside to find an upset Bhatair. Bhatair tells Apen he’s just made the worst decision in his life. Newly inspired by his father’s pep talk, Apen tries to cheer up the crushed Bhatair. In return Bhatair tells Apen he’ll be a great king someday. For the first time, a Shephard and a Hollingsworth conclude a conversation with kindness and respect.

  8. 6

    While visiting the orphanage in Gallitan, Velvare sees Enel and is reminded of his son. He goes and talks to Enel.

  9. 7

    Velvare decides to help out this little redheaded orphan. He invites Enel to be Prince Avidan’s playmate.

  10. 8

    There is an assassination attempt at an amphitheatre in Cedulan. It seems like the attackers are targeting Bhatair. Joshua fights by his enemy’s side without success, Axe Man decapitates Bhatair and deeply wounds Joshua’s leg. Axe Man tells his men to cut up Bhatair so that it’s not possible for even Melete to save him.

  11. In Gallitan, Bhatair is spending some quality time with Enel when suddenly the wounds from Axe Man begin to appear. Marcus has a remarkable reading voice that attracts the orphans visiting the library. As he reads aloud he attracts Miss Idony St.Claire’s attention. Enel runs for help, gets Noah St. Claire, and Bhatair is just barely saved.


  12. Apen’s father is dead.
  13. 10

    April gives Apen The Silver Eye before Apen is sent into the Deadlands for execution by weavers, the dragons in the desert.


  14. Weavers do not kill Apen like all other criminals sent to the Deadlands. He waits by the wall bordering Levant until Reverend Terpsi insists he try to find a land in the west where he can survive.
  15. 12

    While Velvare is in a coma, Avidan and Enel pass the time by collecting tiny frogs. Avidan overhears an argument between angsty teen Noah and Melete. After Noah rejects her gift of Pigeondove, she berates him for attempting to murder comatose Velvare. Velvare is now awake from his coma. He hugs Enel, BUT NOT AVIDAN. WHAT A JERK. After Velvare recovers from his wounds, he donates a new building to Mrs. St. Claire’s orphanage. He says it is because Enel saved his life.

  16. 13

    After months in the Deadlands, Apen reaches the border of Gallitan on the verge of death. He is saved by Berlyne and the Alvarado family. The weavers that would not attack Apen do not attack the Alvarados when they are near him. The Alvarados nurse him back to the land of the living. They grow attached to him and begin to think of him as part of the family. Apen doesn’t return the sentiment, too full of sorrow to want to live. The Alvarados take Apen to a library and that’s the last straw. Apen attempts to jump to his death off of the capital bridge. Joe catches him. Berlyne doesn’t leave Apen’s side after that, she keeps watch to make sure he doesn’t try to kill himself again. Apen loses her and runs off to a dock on the river to be alone. He accidently drops a knife on The Silver Eye, making a distinct sound of gleipnir that royal Shephard horses are trained to come to. His horse dashes to him and Apen rejoices in the reunion for a moment before he encounters the rider: Bhatair Hollingsworth. The last time Apen saw Bhatair was at the Amphitheatre where he was killed. Bhatair says that Melete saved him. He sees that Apen is in trouble and tries to comfort him. Velvare welcomes Apen to Gallitan, but gives him one rule: He must not enter the capital city limits. To replace Apen’s lost horse, Joe gets him a puppy. He names her Melly.

  17. 14

    This scene has been deleted but the doodle for it is still cute.

Present Day, Volume 1

  1. 15

    Marcus gives Enel a book he technically stole from Velvare. It is very important that Velvare not know the book was taken. Melly has run away from Apen, so he chases her into the capital city limits, breaking Velvare’s rule. Apen spots Enel and draws his sword, attacking Enel when he tries to escape. The book gets shredded in the process. Apen is ready to kill Enel, but holds off long enough to hear Enel’s story and name. Apen changes his mind and feebly tries to apologize and make up for the misunderstanding. Marcus comes out and is outraged to find the book in pieces. When he finds that Apen is the kid Velvare banned from the capital, he locks Apen in the library. Apen convinces Enel to let him out. Marcus is infuriated and basically says he won’t adopt Enel because of this.

  2. 16

    Apen abandons Melly at the Alvarado’s house. Enel gets Idony flowers from Berlyne and Chara Alvarado, knowing Idony is the only one who can convince Marcus to change his mind. Enel is surprised to run into Velvare inside his own office. Enel tells Idony the story of his day. Avidan and Velvare go to the docks. Noah has just returned to Gallitan and Velvare frees him from Syllor’s Curse to restore his sanity.

  3. 17

    Idony is furious with Marcus. While he’s distracted, Enel snatches the book and sneaks off with it. Enel discovers Velvare is in the library, and fails tries to hide the book’s fate. Idony convinces Marcus to adopt Enel. Velvare convinces Enel to continue coming to the capitol. Berlyne and Chara return home to find Melly and a note left by Apen, addressing his reasons for leaving.



  4. Two years pass. Eventually Enel tracks down Apen, who is returning from a voyage at sea where he was avoiding Enel.
  5. 21

    Apen decides not to run from Enel anymore.

  6. 22

    Avidan picks on Enel, Velvare cares about Enel more.

  7. 23

    Melete shows up, Enel overhears her tell Velvare that Nathan has conquered Levant.

  8. 24

    Enel tells Apen, Apen asks Enel to cross the Deadlands, Apen backtracks by telling Enel about Nedarian buildings, curses, and The Silver Eye. By accident, Enel knocks down capitol building with The Silver Eye.

  9. 25

    Apen impulsively hits Enel with The Silver Eye for reasons unexplained. Velvare directs people through the catastrophe. Apen discovers that Idony is a St. Claire. Idony breaks up with Marcus because he‘s a rock-throwing jerk. Velvare discovers that no one died from the collapse and something is keeping them alive.

  10. 26

    Apen wakes up from his encounter with a rock. Avidan makes a proposal to Apen, which he strongly refuses. Apen announces he‘s going to Levant. Everyone but Enel volunteers to go with him.

  11. 27

    Enel dreams about walking in the woods, mixed with fears of becoming Velvare. Enel wakes up and a wound appears on his hand, much like Velvare‘s wound in the library. Apen and Noah plan for their journey to Levant. Enel is furious that his friends are leaving him. Enel takes out his frustration on Avidan. Avidan fights back. Noah breaks them up and takes them to Velvare. Avidan accuses Velvare of raising Enel to be the king of Gallitan, this makes Enel faint. When Enel awakens, he and Velvare have a much needed talk about ambition, the beach called Navarre, why Velvare looked after Enel, and finally Enel learns he is Velvare’s son. During this conversation, Velvare grows weaker and weaker, Enel worries that if they are related, he might share the same fate. Blue Dolan shows up, telling Velvare that he needs to rest. They go inside to talk, but by the time Enel runs after them, they are gone.

  12. Enel goes home and runs into Chara. He tells her about his day and determines that in order to find his mother, he has to join the NOVASQUAD (because the boat they’re sailing on is the Novalog, but that hasn’t come up yet, so whatever) Enel and Chara share an emotionally mature smooch.
  13. Velvare wakes up from a dream/flashback of that one time he completely and utterly destroyed his marriage. Avidan runs up to him under Syllor’s Curse. Velvare signals for Melete, there are strange things afoot and he wants the scoop. VERY STRANGE SUSPICIOUS THINGS…
  14. Enel has been spotted by a weird kid. Then he is spotted by a weird man. The weird man is Aetius. Melete tries to protect Enel, but he will have none of it!
  15. Enel hides away on the Novalog, but not for as long as he should have. A tragically bald Apen will not let Enel join the Novasquad. Noah stands up for… his brother?? Maybe? Maybe not?
  16. Apen goes to whine to Velvare. An Aetius falls from the sky to take Enel hostage. The Novasquad gets Enel free, BUT AT WHAT COST? Velvare tries to give Apen a pep talk. Noah and Aetius battle to the death, but Joe’s the one to save the day.
  17. The Raritans are after anyone who is cursed. Apen rescues Velvare, who then frees King Gosport and the Raritans from Syllor’s Curse. Ruya!! Aetius joins Ruya and Aquil. Apen jumps off a bridge and reunites with the Novasquad. Velvare uses The Silver Eye to bring down the bridge on the enemy fleet. It creates a magic tidal wave! Velvare sends Melly to the Novalog with The Silver Eye and catches a glimpse of wounded Enel. Melete teleports Velvare away. Aetius’s ship pursues the Novalog.

    Present Day, Volume 2


  18. Enel wakes up on the Novalog, this time it’s well under way. Marcus is seasick. Noah is not. He also says he’s not Enel’s brother, but that’s neither here nor there. A weaver bursts from the ocean! More importantly, there are no snacks! Luckily Noah Noahs where to find snacks. Berlyne makes presents for people. Enel and Chara make dinner. This Dinner is Interrupted by an Important Announcement. Noah has mom issues. Berlyne gives him a scarf to make it better. Idony and Noah have a chat.
  19. Pigeondove flies all through the night delivering messages BUT NOT TO RUYA. Avidan reads Noah’s messages and they make him sad. He goes to consult his aunt Savannah. Melete and Velvare are  bunkered down in Marcus’s office at the library. They share some yelling and some hugging.
  20. Savannah and Avidan talk while crossing the river. Melete bippity boppity boops a new outfit for Velvare. Velvare DROPS A BOMB. But he apologizes, so it’s okay. Avidan drops his own bomb in retaliation. Velvare, he uh, he’s not doing so hot. OR IS HE? No. The answer is no.
  21. Noah lets Chara doodle in his sketchbook with him. Apen and Marcus’s discussion of theology makes Enel’s head bleed. They reach the abode of Ethelinda. Noah isn’t a fan. OR IS HE? He gives her the scarf Berlyne made for him. She mad. Meanwhile, Enel has devised the perfect plan to get rid of Noah. Apen meets Ethelinda under the name ‘Joshua Alfero’ and she’s pretty snobby to him. She explains Syllor’s Curse. We find out where Noah’s scars on his arm came from. Apen reveals his true identity. Ethelinda gives Apen a ton of stuff to try and make up for her wrongdoing, along with some items to return to Noah. The Novalog sets sail only to immediately be crashed into by SHIPPY MCSHIPFACE the ship of the dastardly Aetius.
  22. Idony discovers a ring and only Apen knows who it belongs to. Ruya tries to warn the Novasquad but to no avail. There are misunderstandings about carrots. Apen makes a pretty good wingman but that’s not enough to keep him from being sent to his bedroom. Berlyne cuts the Novalog free of Shippy McShipface, but ends up on the wrong vessel!
  23. Noah tries to help by taunting Aetius. It works: Aetius throws an anchor at him. Ethelinda uses Syllor’s Curse to make the enemy take a nap. Berlyne gets free and its determined to help Ruya get free, too, but the sailors aren’t the only ones Ethelinda’s curse is affecting. Idony gives Noah Molotov cocktails that he can throw at Ruya to make things better.
  24. Berlyne starts climbing down the anchor chain to get to the Novalog. Marcus throws a fire bomb and it hits Goatface, who leaps off the ship to extinguish it. A weaver rises to devour Goatface. Berlyne attempts to save him, but it’s not enough. Berlyne gets aboard the Novalog.
  25. Aetius uses Syllor’s Curse to command the Novasquad to cut all their limnes? Apen gives Berlyne an unsatisfactory hug. Apen tries to see Aetius through The Silver Eye, with no success. Ethelinda, however, recognizes him and is terrified.