Two families are fighting an ancient feud: The Hollingsworths and the Shepherds.

A Shephard queen attempts to wipe out the Hollingsworth bloodline. When the immortal Melete tries to intervene, she is imprisoned by her own descendants. Bhatair Hollingsworth, one of the few Hollingsworths to survive the queen’s onslaught, rescues Melete. She rewards him with a curse, one meant to avenge the Hollingsworths’ suffering, but which ironically puts the Hollingsworth family more at risk.

With a new Shephard on the throne, a fragile peace settles between the countries in the East. Bitter about his war-torn homeland, Bhatair often travels to the lands in the West, where he begins to dabble in foreign politics under the name Velvare. Bhatair quickly finds more success as Velvare than he had as himself. He adopts the young prince of this country and befriends an orphan, Enel, because he misses his own family.

Back in the East, the current Shephard king is killed, orphaning his daughters and son, Apen. With peace beginning to crumble, Apen volunteers to be executed so that his people will be saved from another war. The execution fails, and Apen flees to the West. A meeting between Bhatair Hollingsworth and Apen Shepherd is inevitable. Bhatair, now Velvare, welcomes Apen to the country with one rule: Apen must not enter the capital.

One day, the orphan Enel is in the capital eagerly pouring over a book he hopes will have answers about countries in the East. Apen mistakes Enel as someone else and attacks him. But a conversation saves Enel’s life, and when Apen gets caught and imprisoned Enel is the one to free him.

While spending time with Velvare, Enel overhears that someone named Nathan has conquered all of the countries in the East. Enel passes the information on to Apen, who announces he’s returning home.

In the current time of the comic, many of Enel’s friends are preparing to join Apen on his journey. Though Enel has no desire to go with them, a force stronger than his will is beginning to pull him toward the East.