Aunt Savannah bringing in the cavalry.

On Patreon we hit the milestone entitled “Have Some Villains” which means I will start posting stuff for patrons about Syllor and Antigone and Nathan!! I get to post things about Nathan?! My whole life has led up to this moment. I have to decide what to post first, though, or maybe draw something new… I’ll have to see. But the Nathan reveal will go up for patrons over the weekend. And I have the drawings done for the next set of Novalog pages but I still need to scan and color them.

Speaking of villains, kudos to King Gosport for not being a jerk. Good for him.

Other than just popping online to post things, I’m stepping back and taking an internet hiatus for a bit. Recently I’ve been letting myself get wayyy too distracted with reading news and politics. It’s making me 98% done with humanity but also I can feel my art suffering from it (even if you can’t tell in the finished product, it’s taken like five times the effort just to motivate myself recently (granted part of that might be exhaustion from drawing crowds)). Anyway, still uploading stuff, just won’t be around as much until I stop procrastinating.

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