Astclairesnsam is like “Apen. Is dat you. YOU ARE SO BALD.”

I’m sorry Apen changed the subject. I know you readers had about three solid pages of questions, but you know Apen, he doesn’t answer things. This is all his fault.

Really, though, reading all the theories and comments on last page was the best. I wish I could reply to them, but my brain only comes up with snide teasy comments since I can’t give stuff away. If  you keep putting you’re heads together, you’re probably going to figure out twists before I want them to be revealed! You guys are awesome, you make every moment of drawing ugly crowd shots worth it ;-;

Noah’s playlist will go up sometime during the week, I wanted to make a Noah painting to be the cover, but haven’t had time for it yet between commissions and this page. I’ll post on the facebook page when it goes up, and put a link up here as well. Noah playlist is up! 8tracks and Spotify.