You can vote TWC to see thumbnails for a book cover commission! Not my usual subject matter, but I am excited. It’s looking pretty cool and commissions give me the chance to tackle different things.

So I am a lot more like the Shephards than I realized when it comes to ancestry. There was this rumor in my family that we were descended from the White family that came over on the Mayflower. Recently I set out to either prove or disprove that, and I was bummed to find that my White family had sailed to America 19 years later and there was no connection between the two. But then I looked further into the White family I am related to and it just goes back and back into European history and has a bunch of nobles and Irish monarchy and I traced it as far back as 870 in Italy with the 1st Duke of Florence. As my sister said, it was a nice trade off.

Genealogy just makes history seem more exciting and personal and I want to know how I’m related to everyone and what their stories are. Do want to share in the comments if you’re related to anyone interesting? (whether it’s legit or just a family rumor) Anyway, thanks for reading, see you next week!