Just look at these cuties!

Enel looks like Chara has just taken away his child.

So the place I traveled to this week was *~Florida~*. My grandpa arranged a surprise party for my grandma to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. The trip was two entire days of driving for only one actual day in FL, but it was so worth it! Just look at these cuties! Grandma is real life Idony, I tell you. And Grandpa… Grandpa was like, “I’ll distract her while you guys set up.” “We’ll visit a car dealership to buy lots of time.” “Update. I have bought a car.” (He buys/trades for a new car like every year, but I will never get used to how out of the blue he does it)

I got to swim near Navarre for a bit and saw some fishes (Pretty sure it’s always gonna make me think of Bhatair now 😛 ) It was an awesome, short, exhausting trip and my brain is still frazzled from it. <-I can’t even make up my mind about where the commas in that sentence should go.

Modern Noah outfits are close to being done, so they’ll go up soon. I haven’t been swooning, YOU’VE been swooning!