melete and noah23The Silver Eye reader Aceofstars has thrown together a Secret Santa for TSE fans! You can read info about it on Deviantart or Tumblr, plus I am doing sketches for everyone who participates! A lot of the prompts people have come up with so far are hilarious.

I made a new winter Enel portrait! Partly to promote the Secret Santa, and partly because we need to see a happy Enel. It has been too long.

Patreon supporters got special things this week! I talked a bit about Syllor’s Curse with this page for all patrons. Behind the Scenes got a look at a new(ish) character. Spoilers are getting a mini-comic that features Melete, Enel, and kid Noah! It gives me many feels. I offer you a preview of it to the right because kid Noah is adorable.

I like Apen’s “Is that what’s supposed to happen?” face in the fourth panel, you can vote TWC to see it at full size! (And ignore that the preview on the banner is still Melete, I’m just going to leave it like that because it’s a hassle to update it every time I change the vote incentive)

Thanks for reading!