Edit: In case you didn’t see it on TSE’s facebook or tumblr, I’m not posting a page this week because I’ve been focusing on lineart. I’m close to finishing all the lines for the redraws! Updates will resume on the 22nd.

Marcus should be fired based solely on how many candles he’s wasting.

It’s All Fun and Games | Roadtrip | Ghost Town | The Invention of Us | Snow |

It is voting time for the fanfiction contest! Please read through all of the entries! You can also leave comments on them for the writers. Voting will last until the 22nd. I may have taken the liberty to fix some typos and punctuation issues I noticed, so if you were trying to sneak in a Lemony Snicket type code into your fanfic, I probably messed that up.

The new Etsy shop has been going swell! Half the calendars have been sold and there’s only 1 Novalog pillow left!

Spoiler level patrons got a 18 panel scene of after Velvare left Avidan and Noah!