Calendar Tournament

For the 2018 calendar I’ve decided to take panels from the comic and turn them into fully rendered paintings. YOU get to decide which panels make it in, so this week I would like to invite you to nominate your favorite panels in the comment section. In the following weeks we’ll have votes and narrow them all down to 12 winning panels.

Fanfiction Contest

I need Alyssa to help me make a graphic for this and write out official rules, but I know everyone’s busy with Inktober and NaNoWriMo and upcoming holidays so I wanted to go ahead and give the heads up about the fanfiction contest! In a nutshell: 1) The theme will be Alternate Universes (AUs). You take The Silver Eye character(s) and put them in another universe, whether it be the real world or another fictional world. 2) Three winners will be chosen by popular vote of fellow TSE readers. 3) For the prizes I’ll draw an illustration from the winning fanfictions. 4) Deadline will be December 7th, so that there’s a week where it doesn’t overlap with NaNoWriMo!

I’ll write out specifics when I get the chance, but that’s the gist of it so that you can be thinking of ideas.

P.O. Box

I’m working on setting up an online shop and so I set up a P.O. box to use as a business address. You’re welcome to mail me things like physical fanarts or letters and stuff like that! The address is:

Laura Hollingsworth
P.O. Box 120453
Newport News, VA 23612

I will also put that in the About page so it’s easy to find.