Poor Enel baby. That first panel is such a tragic story in and of itself. HOW COULD AETIUS BE SO CRUEL. the_silver_eye_commission_by_time_giver-d7x1a8o

All patrons on Patreon get to see a thing that is important and related to this page! Also on Patreon this week are some concepts for a new-coming character in the Spoiler level.

But I also have some stuff to show off that is for everybody! One is this new fanart of Apen by OpalescentSky. Another is this commission I got of Melly by Mitch-el and lastly is this Apen and Berlyne commission I got from my fellow webcomicker, Time-Giver! It’s from of a scene that will take place in Volume 2. I like that scene. It’s got blood and punching and all sorts of fun stuff that happens in a short period of time. I really enjoy it and can’t wait to get to that part!

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate all of you!