Weekly Q and A comic!

Thank you all for the well wishes! My sickness only lasted a few days and now I feel back to normal.

Chapter 15, previously called ‘The Novalog’, is being cut. While the scenes are some of my favorites, cutting them gets us to the next chapter entitled ‘Syllor’s Curse’ faster, which moves the story forward faster.  I think the story over all will be better because of this! But as I said, I really love the scenes in ‘The Novalog’, so I am going to sketch them out in pencil and post them on Patreon for all the patrons to see.  That will start up in May.

Also to do with Patreon… it is currently only $7 from the next milestone! Wherein”I will reveal and begin posting content of characters such as Nathan, Syllor, and Antigone, who have so far only been mentioned, but not yet properly introduced.”

My best friend and cousin, Brooke, is getting married on Saturday and I am a bridesmaid! That’s why there hasn’t been as much extra content this month, it’s been rather chaotic helping put the wedding together.