Just to clarify, that’s the horn that goes “BWOOWOO!” not Apen. That’s not what Apen’s mourning cry sounds like.

Last reminder, the deadline to sign up for the Secret Santa is Dec 1st!

Q&A comics from this week: 1 2 3 4. The comments on the Q&A comic page have exceeded 350 and so next week I’m planning on purging them (Deleting some answered questions and a couple I don’t think I’ll be answering). Not sure what else to do, it is so large and messy. I’ll leave the threads that have really good conversations on them, as well as all the questions I plan to answer in the future. I’m going to save all the comments for myself before I delete any, though, and I thought I’d give you readers a heads up in case you want to screencap/save any of the discussions for yourself.

Be honest, is this where you thought Ru was gonna show up?