maeve2Look at Berlyne. Holding her own against that stare. Girl’s got nerves of steel. All these conflicting personalities makes me feel like actually being on the Novalog would not be very pleasant at all. That, and the prospect of starving after the candy canes run out.

Here is a bunch of TSE fanarts from recent weeks: Chanel art by VioletKy that I won from a Valentine’s Day contest, Blue by BoficeqeVelvare plushy by shizzter, Idony by HappyHS, Enel vs. Weaver by asexualrachel, and TSE Memes done by HappyHS and also asexualrachel.

On Wednesday me and my mom picked up a puppy for my sister and I have been helping take care of her. Her name is Maeve and it was hard to finish this page on time because she is a tiny cutie pie.

Lately I’ve been finishing up commissions (The load is much lighter now) and working on scripting. I cut a ton more scenes and plan to make them into sketchy comics to go on Patreon. I’ll be doing more Q&A comics and resuming work on Ye Olde Secret Santa character drawings. All that is to say, there is extra stuff coming down the pipeline!