noah st claireThis page went up a few days early on Patreon, and it also has some dialog of what’s being said in the background of the first panel. Plus, all patrons can see the next page right now!

I’m sorry to everyone who’s said something along the lines of “Just wait till Apen gets back!” or “Velvare will save them!” You forget, when these two get together it’s basically an Ent meeting. (Ent and Hobbit meeting?)

So last week I mentioned we hit a comment record—and I’m not going to mention every comment record, I mean it, but I have to point out that last page got so many comments that it earned a “Load more comments” button! And that felt noteworthy.

Also we got this lovely Noah fanart by Xephinetsa! Some day I will update the fanart page and other pages of the site, but it is not this day.