Oh how I have missed thee, pure Enelisms.

So I’ve rearranged the reworked pages. Now 2×022×09 are all together, and I’ll be doing that after each scene is redrawn, so that the pages stick together.

This week was just one of those ones where you don’t know how you’re going to make it through. I struggled with the news of  family trauma. Completed five commissions in three days: I colored four pages of children’s books, and a poster for Lora Innes. Mulled over memorials. Tried to help family after a biopsy. Tried to help a friend after a car wreck. Helped my cousin house shop. Helped her move into a new house… But I made it. And on Saturday I have a Switchfoot concert to attend! I’m so grateful that this is a simple page because that is exactly what I needed.

I’m really looking forward to the page after next page. It’s a new flashback that’s not been drawn before and I’m super excited about that! It’s got all the goodies that you’ve come to expect from a TSE flashback.