New Avidan Painting!

Last scene I was trying to go for a very gray color scheme to shake things up a bit. Now I am diving back into vibrant colors and they are oh so welcome!

On Patreon, everyone including non-patrons can see this chart I made of the characters’ Myers Briggs personality types!

You can Vote TWC to see a new/unfinished Melete painting! I am trying to give it a very photographic look and as it turns out, that takes an unexpectedly long time to finish! Thanks to everyone who’s been voting, TSE’s been really moving up the ranks there since I started updating the voting incentives again.

Speaking of, I am holding a Mini Contest! The challenge is to write a little 1-3 sentence blurb/pitch/summary for The Silver Eye, to go with its listing on TopWebComics (The one there now really isn’t accurate to the story but it’s been sitting there forever simply because it is catchy, “Your father rules the West, your brother rules the East. Where will you run when both of them are after you?”) The blurb should be a hook to get people interested in reading the comic. I think I’ll give people two weeks to suggest their blurbs in comments (so July 10th deadline), I’ll pick my favorite to go on TWC (possibly with some tweaks).

It’s not a big deal of a contest, BUT—Winner (or winners, if I end up mix and matching a few suggestions) will get to pick a character/ship and emotion and I will do a digital painting of an important moment from their past! For example, Happy Noah, Angry Syllor, Sad Melly (why would you even choose that?!), or blissful Gutair. Off limits characters are: Augustine, Nathan, and Antigone, but everyone else seen or mentioned is okay, so hypothetically you could use this opportunity to see some rare characters like Walter Hollingsworth, Isis Shephard, or Syllor Dolan.